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About Us

Christy and Tristan Lovenduski

Lovenduski Show Horses specializes in the Quarter Horse and Paint Horse industry.  Breeding, training, and showing  high quality horses is the paramount interest of Lovenduski Show Horses.  Lovenduski Show Horses is located in the center of the heartland, in Kansas City, Missouri.  Read more about us below!

Tristan Lovenduski

     Tristan Lovenduski is a Brookfield, Missouri native.  He received his bachelors degree in Economics from Truman State University.  As a student at Truman State University, he enjoyed success on the Intercollegiate Equestrian Hunt Team.  Look for Tristan in Open and Amateur events with TC Dun In Style, 2003 Dun Overo Gelding by TC Time.

Christy Lovenduski

      Christy Lovenduski is a Bloomfield, Iowa native.  She received a Masters Degree in Music Education and hold two two bachelors degrees in Music from Truman State University.  She has had horses since the age of two and has been showing Quarter Horses since the age of nine.  She has enjoyed success in 4-H, local open, and AQHA horse shows, including multiple year end awards from the Iowa Quarter Horse Association and being a member of the Iowa Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show Team.  She is the founder of the Midwest Stallion Directory, a site devoted to horses and horse news in the Midwest.